How to Establish a NGO in Kenya

A non-governmental organization (NGO) is a non-profit and voluntary citizens’ group that can be organized at a local, national or international level. All NGOs in Kenya must be registered by the NGO Coordination Board in accordance with NGO coordination act.

Procedure of registering a NGO in Kenya

Name Search

To establish an NGO in Kenya, one should begin by making an application for the reservation of a name, which is done by filling Form 2. Three names are proposed in order of their priority for the organization to be registered. An individual is expected to pay a processing fee and reservation fee and once a name is approved it can be reserved for a period of 60 days.

Once the sixty days lapse and the individuals wish to extend the duration of name reservation for an additional 60 days, they can do so by paying an additional fee at the NGO Coordination Board.


After the name search and the name reservation, individuals wishing to establish a NGO should visit the NGO Coordination Board for application of registration. For the registration, two forms namely Form 1 and Form 3 will be issued and should be duly filed.

  1. Filling Form 1. This is the register of Non-Governmental Organizations stating the organizations contact persons. This form gives the office location and the postal address of the proposed organization.
  2. Filling Form 3. This is the Application for Registration form. This form is to be presented as two copies in original form. It contains the contact details of the proposed organization, the objectives and the intended charitable undertakings of the organization, details pertaining the to three officials and the list of all the other board members.

When filling Form 1 and Form 3 it is important to note that they can be typed or filled in block and must have the original signatures of the officials.

Documents required when registering a NGO in Kenya

  1. Two color passport size photographs.
  2. Copy of ID/passport and KRA PIN certificate for the five officials and board members. At least one third (1/3) of the board members must be Kenyan for a NGO that is foreign based.
  3.  Copy of the certificate of good conduct including fingerprints and receipts for the Kenyans. For the foreigners, they must present an equivalent notarized clearance certificate from their county of origin, it must not be older than 6 months.
  4. A constitution of the proposed NGO/INGO (International Non-Governmental Organization) signed by the top three officials as well as two other board members.
  5. Minutes authorizing the application of registration of the proposed NGO with the NGO Board. The minutes presented should contain specific agendas and resolutions.
  6. Proposed budget for the next one year.
  7. Forwarding letter to the Executive Director requesting for registration.
  8. Copy of name reservation form, Form 2 duly approved and paid for.

Together with these documents, an application fee will be paid to the NGO Board and thereafter a waiting time of one month will follow before issuance of the Certificate of Registration.