Linking of Businesses in Kenya

Linking of a business is the process through which a company proprietor, director/shareholder or a Certified Public Secretary (CPS) provides details pertaining to the company online to the Business Registration Service (BRS) for verification with the details that already exist at the BRS.

Procedure of Linking a Company in Kenya

  1. Log into the e-citizen account of either the director, director-shareholder or the appointed company secretary
  2. On selecting ‘Link Business’ you will be prompted to enter either the name of the business or the registration number of the business. It is advised to use the name of the business and not the registration number.
  3. From the list of results displayed select your business and verify that it matches with what appears on the certificate.
  4. Indicate the capacities of all directors, the director shareholders, the shareholders and the company secretary where one is there. For a public limited company only indicate the details of the directors and the director-shareholders.
  5. Enter the registered office location of the company.

Once these details have been submitted, BRS will verify the information submitted against the manual records that they already have.