National Construction Authority (NCA)

Registration of contractors with the National Construction Authority: NCA

The National Construction Authority regulations allow a contractor to register in one or more categories depending with the class of construction works that is to be undertaken. The Authority was provided for under the Act No. 41 of 2011 Laws of Kenya.

Contractors who are willing to undertake construction operations in Kenya are required by law to register through the NCA. This is to do away with rogue contractors and malpractices in building and construction.  The body is also in charge of inspections of buildings under construction.

NCA registration requirements:-

·         Register with Registrar of Companies: A certificate of incorporation from the Registrar of Companies in Kenya is required.

·         The National Construction Authority will then require that one of the technical directors of the registered company to have a minimal technical qualification in the construction field.

·         All the directors must forward their CVs to the National Construction Authority.

·         Valid PIN, and Tax compliance certificates, and Bank Account would be required

·         Foreign contractors should also prove their residence for the life period of the project that thy will undertake.

·         Foreign contractors are also required to submit a commitment to transfer skills to the locals


·         If the above criteria I well met, a Certificate of Registration would be issued on registration as a contractor in Kenya.