Registration of a society in Kenya

Society registration in Kenya is done under the Office of the Attorney General and department of justice. Section 2 of the Societies Act defines a society to include; A club, company, partnership or association of ten or more persons whatever its nature or object that is established in Kenya or has its headquarters or chief place of business in Kenya and any branch of a society.

Types of Societies:

  • Charitable in nature like children’s homes, orphanage, education  foundation, scientific foundation and so on;
  • Professional body like Media  Owners Association;
  • Alumni association;
  • Cultural association;
  • Recreational clubs; and
  • Religious in nature like churches, ministries, mosques, temples (However, there is an existing moratorium on registration  of religious  bodies but  this does not mean the existing churches do not comply with laid out laws like filing of returns, or changes towards same)

Requirements for Society Registration in Kenya

  • A comprehensive list of the designated members. A minimum of 10 members is required;
  • The names, the address and the postal details of the chairperson, the secretary and the treasurer;
  • The constitution of the society. The main components of the constitution are the name of the society, the address and the objects of the society; and
  • Application Form A and Form B, which must be signed by the chairperson, the secretary and the treasurer.

Registration Procedure of a Society in Kenya

  1. Name search

A society, through a letter to the Registrar of Societies must make an application for the reservation of their proposed name. Up-to three names can be submitted for consideration.

  1. Completion of Form A

This form contains a summary about the society, the officials and the affiliation of the society.

  1. Completion of Form B

This form provides the physical offices and the postal address of the society.

  1. Preparation of the constitution

The constitution contains the objectives, the rules and the procedures that will guide the society to achieve its set objectives. The constitution must be drafted to conform with the Societies Act and the rules of the society.

  1. Lodging of documents with the Registrar of Societies

Once the forms are duly completed and the constitution prepared, the documents are lodged with the registrar of societies.

It is important to note that depending on the objects of the society and the nature of the society, the registrar of societies may deem it fit to request for additional documents or refer the application for further vetting.

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